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At Searcy Building Systems, we look out for our churches. We understand the preparation that goes into planning for a new sanctuary, mosque, fellowship hall, family life center, food pantry or addition to an existing structure. We especially love to hear when our prefabricated metal churches are expanding for their youth programs. Church-appointed committee members have a lot of folks to keep happy as it is the committees’ funds that allow for such growth to take place (i.e., necessity, budgeting, overall aesthetic of the new structure, interior layout, etc…).

We believe whole heartedly that our steel church buildings are the most durable, versatile, economical choice for a house of worship building. Rest assured that our Searcy Building Systems metal building kit will give the entire committee the peace of mind that their committee members made an informed and wise choice.

Because steel is one the strongest building materials available, this makes Searcy Building Systems church buildings extremely durable and versatile. Capable of much wider spans than conventional stick-built buildings, our all-steel church buildings are the perfect choice for a more spacious and open sanctuary. Because of a steel building system’s strength and integrity, we can span hundreds of feet without annoying interior columns that could potentially block the view of the service.

Our sanctuary steel church buildings can be designed to your church’s needs, with as many or as few features as you need. We utilize many different materials and designs to make your all-steel worship building as elaborate or simple as needed. Our building specialists and certified engineers are ready to create a pre-engineered building kit that works well for your committee that is well within your budget.

With all-steel church buildings, there’s no need to treat for wood rot or termites. Unlike conventional construction, our metal building kits are resistant to water, mold, mildew, or termites. Because of this, our steel buildings are less likely to have repair and maintenance issues. No treating, no repairs and low maintenance equals a significant cost savings for the church in the long run.

Also, pre-engineered steel church building kits are quick to build which ultimately makes them more cost-effective than other forms of construction. Our prefabricated framing components come with all the pieces cut to length and drilled for simple bolt-together assembly. With clips that are already welded to the frames for easy attachment of girts and purlins, Searcy buildings go together effortlessly.

So, when you consider the durability, versatility, low cost, ease of construction, and maintenance-free nature of a prefabricated all-steel building, why would you trust your church building to any other type of structure? 

Reason to build a Metal Church building

Versatile & (can be
Engineered for any need).
Quick and easy
To assemble.
More cost-effective than
Other types of construction.
More durable than
Wood-framed buildings.
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