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Metal Building Design Studio

Get a printable version of this template so you can sketch your floor plan and take notes of all the design elements you’d like in your metal building.

Metal Roof Design in US

When it’s time to start the metal building design process, we make it simple for you to customize many different aspects of your building. To start the design process, download the design template to determine your building’s size and layout. Then, you can select your steel building colors. You have countless options to choose from to customize your building’s roof, walls and trim. At Searcy Building Systems, we offer industry-leading steel building services, and we can create durable and versatile buildings in various types. We work with you every step of the metal building design process to ensure an efficient and smooth design and build process.


Structure Buildings

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Download Design Template

  • Print all pages in the template. Consider your building site and which direction the building will face.
  • Think about how you will enter the building.
  • Select, cut out, and arrange the items you’d like to shelter (page 2 of the template).
  • Make sure to plan for future purchases and space requirements!
  • Finally, think about the accessories you would like to include.

Select Your Colors

Once you have nailed down all the details on your Searcy Building Systems building, it’s time to choose your metal building colors. By selecting from our color chart below you can create your very own unique metal building color scheme for your roof, walls and the trim. Don’t worry if you don’t want to be a decorator, your building consultant will be happy to discuss options with you.


Select Your Colors

Searcy Building Systems standard Siliconized Polyester paint carries a 20-year panel finish warranty. Don’t be fooled by companies that offer 30-year, 40-year and 50-year warranties, they are simply manipulating the degree to which the paint is allowed to crack, peel, chalk or fade over a set number of years. Put simply, the longer their warranty, the less the written warranty guarantees for your finish with each passing year!

Build Your Color Combination for the Perfect Look

Use this section to see the colors combination that bring life to your building and make it look just perfect for your use.





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