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Dare To Compare

20 Items to Confirm Before Buying




Yes Yes No Yes No Yes No

1. Are the width, length, height and pitch correct?

2. Are the building codes correct for your area?

3. Is the snow load correct for your area?

4. Is the wind load correct for your area?

5. Is the wind exposure correct for your area?

6. Is the live load correct for your area?

7. Did they include a collateral load?

8. Are walk doors included?

9. Is insulation included?

10. Was the same insulation thickness quoted?

11. Are large doors included in price?

12. Are the large door types quoted the same?

13. Did they brace your walls correctly?

14. Did they include gutters and downspouts?

15. Is freight included on the quote?

16. Is the roof finish indicated?

17. Is the wall finish indicated?

18. Are stamped drawings included?

19. Is tax included?

20. Are they in the Better Business Bureau?

After doing the comparison, did the competition give you everything that you wanted the first time a around or did you have to stay on them to get what you wanted? Is that someone who you really want to work with?

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