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Your self-storage facility should project a sense of security and safekeeping to your customers. After all, your prefabricated storage buildings are where they are going to store all of their cherished items short-term (or long-term).

Our Searcy Building Systems’ prefabricated self-storage buildings will offer an invaluable sense of protection for both you the business owner as well as your customers. Our solid steel self-storage buildings will stand up to potential hazards such as heavy winds, hail and snow / ice damage as well as termites or other nuisance pests.

Because of this, our steel mini-storage buildings are less likely to have repair and maintenance issues. No treating, no repairs and low maintenance results in significant cost savings to you with the peace of mind that your renters know that they are storing their belongings in a high quality, state of the art prefab storage units.

Our prefabricated self-storage buildings can be designed with a variety of different storage unit sizes and mixes depending on your and your customer’s needs. Whether you want a standard non-climate-controlled storage building or a climate-controlled facility that fully insulated to maximize protection of your clients’ valuables from the elements, Searcy Building Systems has your every need covered.

Our mini steel warehouse buildings are designed using the most cutting-edge technology and the most experienced steel building engineers in the industry. Our pre-engineered steel mini-storage kits offer solutions that are custom-made to fit whatever you need within your budget.

Reason to build a Self-Storage building

Versatile & (can be
Engineered for any need).
Quick and easy
To assemble.
More cost-effective than
Other types of construction.
More durable than
Wood-framed buildings.
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