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Industrial / Manufacturing

We all use the term “Time is Money.” However, when it comes to big industry and manufacturing “time” literally equals “money.” Not enough of it and you can’t manufacture as much inventory to sell for profit. Consequently, if you are building a new manufacturing facility or renovating an existing facility, any downtime that you incur means money that you are not bringing in.

Our metal warehouse building components have all the pieces cut to length and drilled for simple bolt-together assembly. With clips that are already welded to the frames for easy attachment of girts and purlins, Searcy’s steel warehouse buildings go together smoothly. In a nutshell, our solid steel I-beam framed buildings are quick to design, quick to deliver and quicker to erect which makes them more time efficient and more affordable than any other type of construction.

When Searcy Building Systems consults on a metal warehouse building, we pay very close attention to our client’s project timeline in order to keep them on track and thus on budget. We do this because ultimately your steel industrial building’s success is our success!

Aside from the time efficiency that a metal warehouse building kit affords, steel is one the strongest building materials available, which makes Searcy Building Systems’ industrial and manufacturing buildings enormously durable and versatile. Capable of much wider spans than wood structures, steel buildings are the perfect choice for a more secure and spacious manufacturing plant. Because of our rigid frame I-beam design, you will not have trusses to deal with that take up overhead space in your manufacturing facility and our clear span rafter system makes it easy to install hoists or bridge cranes inside your building. Because of a steel warehouse building system’s strength and integrity, our rafters can span hundreds of feet without problematic interior pipe columns.

Our industrial warehouse builders can custom design our metal warehouse buildings to fit the needs of anyone, anywhere. Whether you are in the timber, carpet, or automobile industries or simply need enough space for some light manufacturing, Searcy Building Systems can design your manufacturing facility to work within your time frame and within your budget.

All-steel industrial and manufacturing buildings provide durability, versatility and cost benefits, making them a great option for warehouse applications.

Reason to build a Industrial building

Versatile & (can be
Engineered for any need).
Quick and easy
To assemble.
More cost-effective than
Other types of construction.
More durable than
Wood-framed buildings.
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