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Steel is one the strongest building materials available which makes Searcy Building Systems’ pre-engineered steel agricultural buildings and barns extremely durable and versatile. Capable of much wider spans than wooden pole barns, metal prefabricated barns are the perfect choice for a more spacious steel agricultural building.

Because of steel’s strength and integrity, we can custom design our prefabricated steel agricultural buildings to fit the needs of anyone, anywhere. Whether you need a 40’ wide opening for your combine harvester or 30’ bay spacings for your open hay barn, our all-steel agricultural buildings can accommodate you!

With an all-steel prefabricated barn, there is no need to treat for wood rot or termites. Unlike a wooden pole barn, our metal building kits are resistant to water, mold, mildew, termites and carpenter / borer bees. Because of this, our steel prefabricated barns are less likely to have repair and maintenance issues. No treating, no repairs and low maintenance equals a significant cost savings in the long run.

Also, pre-engineered steel framed agricultural building kits are quick to build which ultimately makes them more cost-effective than other forms of construction. Our prefabricated framing components come with all the pieces cut to length and drilled for simple bolt-together assembly. With clips that are already welded to the frames for easy attachment of girts and purlins, Searcy buildings go together effortlessly.

Farmers can even receive financial assistance for a metal building through the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). The NRCS Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) —a voluntary program aimed at incentivizing conservation practices— can offer eligible technical and financial assistance for a metal building. Ask us how we can help you design and erect an EQIP-approved building, such as a total containment barn for your livestock.

Reason to build a Agriculture building

Versatile & (can be
Engineered for any need).
Quick and easy
To assemble.
More cost-effective than
Other types of construction.
More durable than
Wood-framed buildings.
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